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Shoukei Tam a.k.a Jess the Dragoon

Independent flash animator, 2D digital graphic artist and 3D modeling and rendering artist

Side skills:
Web design & programming, Song composing

I am a Flash Animator and a Digital Graphics Artist who specializes in 2D Flash Animations and creating 2D as well as 3D graphics using computer software.

I started drawing at a young age and was much inspired by manga, cartoons and video games. My brother, who had a similar interest, and I drew comics and flipbook animations. In high school, I started learning how to do Flash animations and draw pictures digitally. After years of involvment in doing digital animation and graphics, I eventually became a Flash Animator and Digital Graphics Artist.

At the age of 19, I produced my first short Flash animation called "Reblammed" for a contest organized by Newgrounds Inc in conjunction with Pico Day 2007 and won consolation. Later that year, I produced a couple more short Flash animations namely "Super Hero Clock", which received a lot of positive feedback from its viewers over the Internet, and "Madness Manufactory" which won 2nd place at Newgrounds Inc's Madness Day 2007 flash competition. These accomplishments encouraged me to be more involved in Flash animation and delve deeper in the world of animation.

A few years later, I started doing freelance animations online for various people around the world. At the same time, I also started learning 3D Modeling and 3D Graphics Rendering. In 2011, I emerged once again at Newgrounds in its annual Halloween Spookfest with another short Flash animation entitled "Jack's Halloween Treats" and won 2nd place.

I am currently working on 
Super Hero Clock, which is an original flash-animated web series that will be released on my Youtube Channel.

I love venturing into the world of art and animation discovering new knowledge, meeting many people from around the world and finding opportunities throughout my experience. As a Freelance Flash Animator, I have done Animated Short Films, Logo Animations, Music Videos, Animations For Websites, Game Intros and several other kinds of animations. I enjoy animating as much as I enjoy seeing characters come to live and would always do my best to produce better quality and more exciting animations in the future.


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